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Why work with ArtShard

Art Shard – Our Mission

Art Shard was founded in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We began as a small game art service studio focused on small and medium scale projects for 2D and 3D games. Our team grew rapidly over the next 6 months due to the large scale projects we soon began to take part in. The Art Shard team proudly takes responsibility of providing the full range of services for 2D, 3D and VR games.

Our mission at ArtShard is to help developers create great experiences and compelling worlds!

About Art Shard and what our team can do for YOU?

We specialize in full Art development. The artists at ArtShard are proficient in the fields of:

  • Concept art
  • Illustration and Matte painting
  • Environmental 2D an 3D art
  • UI art and UX design
  • Character design and development – from concept through high and low poly, baking, rigging, texturing to beautiful smooth animations and VFX – The Art Shard team is here to take care of all aspects of you game art while you focus on the development.

Working with ArtShard allows you to work with the most talented and experienced artists and project managers. We are here to save you the time and expenses of mistakes that many developers face in the process of game making. The Art Shard team not only takes responsibility to provide all the needed assets from your specification.

– We take great pride in our work and will make sure all the assets and files you need are created, checked and prepared professionally prepared so that you have no issues with file formats, missing assets or geometry errors. No need to worry about having to come back to the art development phase and spent extra time and effort on reworking models or any kind of assets. The ArtShard team gives you the freedom to focus on all internal development while working on building a consistent world and experience through the art that we are creating for your team.

The flexibility and freedom of working with US!

The Art Shard professionals will work on expanding your idea and taking it to the next level. Our team will work out the best way to provide all specified assets in consideration with your project budget. ArtShard strives to offer the best services and work on establishing an art style that both your players and budget will benefit from. The ArtShard artists will ensure a final look and feel that reflects your vision.

 The benefits of Outsourcing to Art Shard?

Recruitment expenses!

– Spending the time and resource to look for talented individuals to work on your game! At Art Shard we have taken the time to carefully look for and recruit the best artists and only work with people we trust can ensure the delivery of each shard of art to create a crystal clear look that fulfills your requirements. Our team members have solid experience in the Gaming Industry and we are well aware that finding the right talent for your team is not something that happens in a day or two especially while development has started.

No need to invest in more Office space for an in-house team!

 – We understand that many developers start off with a vision. They set up an office or studio that will not always fit all their growth expectations. Having to relocate or acquire more space for a new art or development team will likely have an effect on the schedule and expected delivery date of your title. The Art Shard team aims to be an extension of your team. Our location and time zone allows us to be available for chat, calls or meetings as much as possible in case of a small change, comments or need of updates.

Equipment expenses!

– Providing an art team with the full range of equipment such as computers, monitors, desks, graphic tablets etc. definitely doesn’t come cheap. – The Art Shard team has ensured that our artists are armed with the latest technology to prevent any time delays and ensure all our work is polished and ready to help your game become even better than expected.

Come visit the team 

The ArtShard office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Traveling to Bulgaria has become more and more inexpensive over the past few years – this has made it especially easy for partners from UE and USA to come and visits us at any time since the hotel room accommodation ranges from €25 to €150 depending on your own preferences.

The one way public transport tickets come at €0.80 and the average cost of draught beer is only € 1.50.

No need to wait- the Art Shard team is eager to meet you for a business meeting or an informal chat over coffee or a pint of beer.

Want to find out more?

For any other inquiries, questions or quotes about ArtShard and our services feel free to contact us via our contact form or email us at [email protected]. The ArtShard team is ready to create the best world you envisioned for your game !

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